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Dissertation tag line

Something, my smarter, more beautiful better said ages ago and I jotted it down in a text file.

“Medicine robs of us of our ability to tell the story of our death.”


“A community’s willingness to encourage children is a sign of its confidence in itself and its people. For children are a community’s sign to the future that life, in spite of its hardship and tedium, is worthwhile.”

Stanley Hauerwas
A community of character p209

Spiritualising Lazarus

“But please, where does the story about poor Lazarus say anything about his ‘heart’?… The really frightening thing about the story is precisely the fact that it is not moralised but simply tells about the poor and the rich, the promise to one and the threat to the other.”

Bonhoeffer on the errors of “spiritualising” a text like Luke 16:19-30

In “reflections on the bible”
Hendrickson 2004

Greg Henry speaking about emergency medicine

This is a lecture i recorded from the big medical conference I was at at the end of June. The guy speaking is a big name in emergency medicine circles. He’s quite theĀ rhetoricianĀ and reminds us of the humanity needed to be with sick people. Worth a watch even if you’re not a medic.

Democratic policing of christianity

“in the name of supporting democracy, Christians police their own convictions to insure none of these convictions might cause difficulty for making democracy successful.”

dispatches from the front p105

PS hopefully you can see this passage is not about “policing” in the Garda/PSNI sense but more how we have rejected our convictions to fit liberal democracy.

The novel as a school for virtue

from a chapter in “dispatches from the front” by hauerwas

“a truthful story cannot avoid the bad we have done or allowed any more than it can fail to record that the good we have done has been the result of mixed motives”

Bands with managers

Thursday 27th May


Exodus – Lisburn

29 Railway St, Lisburn

This is something you should all go to cause it’ll be beezer.

I’ll be there which will make it even better. I’ll even have a band to make pretty music to make up for my lack of ability.

The Turf Brothers will be there in their first live performance since the last one.

I need to go practice singing in tune.


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