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Dissertation complete!

For those with an active RSS feed to this blog, hello and glad you’re still there. The dissertation is done and posted so I figured I may as well share it here too. Feel free to read, download and comment below.

As always with these types of things, now that I’ve written the damn thing, I’m probably in a much better position to go back and write the whole thing all over again and make it 10 times better but alas I have neither the time nor the energy for it. Thanks to all who participated in the emails, pub conversations and rants about this.


Dissertation Final

The church of medicine

organised medicine has practically ceased to be the art of healing the curable, and consoling the hopeless and has turned into a grotesque priest hood concerned with salvation and has become a law onto itself. The policies that promise the public some control over the medical endeavour tend to overlook the fact that to achieve their purpose they must control a church, not an industry.

Ivan Illich
Medical nemesis.

Wonderful quote that is forming the question for my dissertation even as I read it.


And a bit from dogmatics

“if we face the fact of the church’s humanity, we cannot release it from the task of pursuing academic theology and we must thus accept in principle the task of a regular dogmatics.”

Dogmatics I.1 p277
Karl Barth

Module 1 Unit 4 – Radical Hermeneutics

And the last one…

Module 1 Unit 3 – Texts and Interpretations

And another

The Dignity of Difference

God is universal, religions are particular. Religion is the translation of God into a particular language and thus into the life of a group, a nation, a community of faith.

Sacks J. The Dignity of Difference : How to Avoid the Clash of Civilizations. London: Continuum; 2002. p55

Any thoughts on that? It seems that Sacks is suggesting that the universal is the key part and the particular less so. Though he may be saying quite the opposite, I’m working this out as I go…

This, I think, is his key premise.

God, the creator of humanity, having made a covenant with all humanity, then turns to one people and commands it to be different in order to teach humanity the dignity of difference.


Module 1 Essay 2 – New Testament Ethics

Here’s another




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