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Anyone guess what I’m listening to?

Fascinating painting if you follow the Wikipedia link

New houses

I moved in here two years ago.

It looked like this

Then we lived in it and it looked like this

Then we all moved out again and it looked like this

And all these years I thought I wasn’t a materialist and then I moved back home with wee Liz and filled her garage with all this stuff.

I hate stuff. Let me clarify that – I like stuff that works. I’m more about functionality than aesthetics (I think this sneaks into my view of philosophy and even fashion sense…) in most aspects of life. I like stuff if it does something. A thing unused is a crime.

Unfortunately I have moved into a new house so full of unused stuff that it looks like this


All the small things

[This will no doubt become a series of posts on moving house…]

Compared to most people (and I am very much like most people in that I find a sense of self-righteousness in comparing myself to most people) I am not a very “stuff” orientated person.

If you allow the Volvo as an exception of course.

Fight Club had a big impact on my life with the lines about stuff ending up owning you and my own personal favourite – “you are not your fucking khakis”

When I lived in NZ I earnestly tried not to accumulate any “stuff” bar what I considered useful/functional/”essential”.

Mainly that worked out. It’s always a good idea to be able to squeeze eveything you own into your car.

Despite having the Volvo I’ve now broken my own rule. The furniture was the killer. If it wasn’t for the desk and the sofa I would have been in with half a chance.

Frankly it is disturbing the amount of stuff one can accumulate in such a short period of time.


August 2022