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Changes come

In roughly 4 months I will be getting married (woo hoo!) and quitting my job (mixture of woo hoo and awww) and moving to Maynooth (woo hoo) and trying to get a job demonstrating anatomy (that means cutting up dead bodies, not posing nude…) in trinity (woo hoo) and thinking of doing a masters degree in anatomy (woo hoo).

This means a number of things:

1) leaving Portadown. I am only beginning to realise that this is going to be “kind of a big deal”. I hope to get all my missing the place and the people out of the way before I actually go.

2) leaving clinical medicine. As mentioned before I touch people for a living. Occasionally I even manage to help them somewhat. I will miss that. I will perhaps (more honestly) miss the daily work process more. The colleagues, the discussions, the times you get it right, the times you get it wrong. I am a junkie when it comes to this stuff. I need to be the person that helps people. I am aware that that may not be as positive as it sounds. It will no doubt do me the world of good

3) having to actually consider money. Those who know me will realise that I am hardly a big spender. I get well paid for a job I love, and share rent in a house with two other guys. I have no debt and no mortgage. In a few months I will be unemployed and married and paying twice the rent I am now. We will not be short on money in any shape or from but I will have to actually consider money. This will also do me the world of good.

4) leaving the rat race. This is the rat race that I suppose that I was never in. Medicine is hugely competitive and career driven. Getting into training jobs is a big deal. There is always pressure to perform in just the right way that NIMDTA (and your colleagues and bosses) want you to. There are lots of good reasons for this. But I want no part in it. While in one sense I find it hugely attractive –  training and titles carry with them a kudos in the working environment, you get respect simply for your grade – I also feel no need for it. Perhaps it is a self-confidence thing on my part. That I feel inferior to others due to my chosen career path. But I only feel this briefly. I know that I am good at what I do, and that if I continue to pursue my knowledge and passion for it then I will undoubtedly be better. I’m not sure I need the paperwork to prove this.


July 2022