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Snow Day

We’re not really up to coping with the snow and the ice are we?

TCD (where I work) is closed tomorrow because of the snow. The North Americans I teach are all a bit bemused that the whole country shuts down at the hint of chilly weather. If you were from Canada or Minnesota you’d probably understand.

But for me it means a “snow day”. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

Tired, full of mucous and looking not sure which way is up.

While I’ve not been exactly busy in work, we seem to have managed to cram every other moment of our lives with something or other.

We have had people staying with us in our humble abode for the past 6 weekends in a row. While a lot of fun, this was perhaps not the best idea in the world.

Not for a raging introvert like me.

Now I know I can hold a conversation with the best of them, and I know that I have even been known to enjoy other people’s company but gees it is kind of hard work.

I suppose this is what I’m realising. That my life has changed. That I have changed.

Anyone, even me, could see this coming. I changed jobs, changed countries, got married, and made a whole bunch of new friends a big part of my life.

Yet I’m still coming to terms with it. Also hardly a surprise.

I’m noticing patterns at least. That I’m better when I’ve had the time on my own to figure this out. Even when my lovely wife knows it days before I do.

Here’s to the snow


Tourist History

This is more of a plug so that you lovely people will come visit me and wylie in out mansion.

We’ll make you green curry and brownies and feed you with good coffee and have you beaten at scrabble by Martha. It’s great.

Wee phil (Phildemort/Milhaus/Philly-O-Fish) was the first person to make it down and stay in our B&B. This seems only fair seeing as he and the office did some of the work on the house.

We took a day (well more of an afternoon) out in Dublin today and made an appearance at the Chester Beatty Library. Wylie threatened to take me here on our second date and I was like “no way i’m not going on a date with a hot chick to a library” so we went to see the Bodies exhibition instead.

It’s free. I like free stuff like this, I need a good list of free things to do in Dublin if someone wants to make me one.

The current big exhibit is about the imperial Mughal albums which you all know lots about. Think Taj Mahal time.

I liked a few of the paintings:

(first ones a bit subtle)

And this one (with the translation underneath)

This is what they’re perhaps most famous for:

Though I have a copy of the whole book sitting on a shelf upstairs so I don’t know what they’re bragging about…


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