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Like scrubbing yourself with an aubergine

This is all still a bit of a holiday really. It’ll be a while before the idea living here actually sinks in. I fill my time with driving round this stunning place. I’ve always liked driving but back home when it’s clodding down rain it ain’t as pretty.

Work starts on monday and i’m looking forward to it, well not the work to be honest, just the people. Now don’t misunderstand me, I love being and travelling by myself out here, probably too much, lonliness is rarely an issue. But I have (just) enough sense to know that that’s not good for me, or for anyone.

So anyway, today I took a drive to a place called ocean drive (sometimes the names are wonderfully practical, although sometimes not, as in taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu – the brow of the hillwhere tamatea, the man with the big knees, who slid, climed and swallowed mountains, known as land eater, played his flute to his lover – i’m not making this up). Ends up in the middle of nowhere in a one lane gravel road with a stack of 60s beach houses (bachs, as kiwis call them) at the end. And a beach that bears more than a passing resemblance to white park bay, except more deserted.

So i’m doing my usual of sitting on a dune, thinking and writing and staring at the (pacific!) ocean. It’s 2am back home.

The sea does things to me. Now I don’t mean it brings me out in a nasty rash or that it calls me names and pulls my hair. I mean the scale and the sound of the thing tends to put me in my place, gives me a certain sense of perspective, the way it just keeps going and going and going for what seems like an endless distance.

I like that.

The caravan (!) i’m currently living in has become a temporary home. Simply because i’ve managed to unpack for the first time and I can make my own food (last night – a good ould steak and a tarahiki – fish – with a greek salad and a slab of ciabatta bread).

I’ve even managed to get the computer set up so I could burn a few cds for the car. Kiwis have (largely, and with no real authority or research do I say this) terrible taste in music, given what’s on the radio. Anyone who can name 3 decent kiwi bands (as he tries to think of two himself) will win a special prize The music is only partially beaten by the woeful (though actually amusing) ads and jingles.

And when unpacking I realised for the first time that I forgot to bring something. Impressive since I brought pretty much everything I have. I forgot shower gel. Now to those who are jumping to suggestions that I haven’t showered since I arived, and would have me labelled a dirty ‘soapo’, then there’s a simple explanation – i’ve been stealing everyone elses.

But in the wonderful chalet/caravan/prefab static/log cabin at Clive’s (the town is called clive, they guy who owns it is called john) motor park, there is soap provided. According to the packaging it is 100% vegetable based. I have no idea how that works. Like scrubbing yourself with an aubergine (don’t try that at home).

Yesterday it was sunny all day. Toasty. Today it’s like a good summer’s day on white park bay –  cold, windy and cloudy. Still, no rain and while you are just finishing summer mine is just about to start!


August 2022