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Darkness on the edge of town

Just as a follow up.

The following organisations provide audit and confidential enquiry and publish data and guidelines on what it is that people in hospitals seem to get up to. This is what I would call a good thing.

NCEPOD – national confidential enquiry into patient outcome and death

CEMACH – confidential enquiry into maternal and child health

SASM – scottish audit of surgical mortality

NICE – national institute of clinical excellence

SIGN – scottish intercollegiate guidelines network

NPSA – national patient safety agency

Healthcare commission – as of today now the care quality commission

The department of health – i spent this evening looking through the published figures on 4 hour targets for emergency departments

What do all of these organisations (apart from the CEMACH one) have in common?

None of them include Northern Ireland.

We appear to be in our little world over here. Away from the prying eyes of audits and people saying we really shouldn’t be killing people quite as often as we do.

I can’t find any data online about the 4 hour targets for Northern Ireland. Though i’m aware we’re doing quite well and the hospitals in Belfast aren’t doing quite so well.

The four hour targets are a lose-lose situation. If you meet them management will say well done have a cookie and you obviously have enough staff so you don’t need any more.

If you don’t meet them you get a slap on the wrists and told to work harder.


So if we’re killing you in our hospitals then you can at least rest assured that no one is watching.


July 2022