Module 1 Essay 2 – New Testament Ethics

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  1. 1 Dec February 8, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    Does Burridge mention the fact that Paul is much more concerned with people imitating members of the community rather than directly imitating Christ?

    One of the things I find interesting is that Paul does not ask the community of faith to imitate Christ. He asks them to imitate himself (or others), as a fellow member of the community. It sounds like Burridge forgets about this, and our need for concrete moral examples in our communities, without whom “Jesus” can become whatever we interpret him to be. This is probably why Burridge resorts to the “historical Jesus” as the basis for ethics, but as you point out, that’s a fundamental error that is hard to recover from.

    I’m only guessing of course, but it sounds like Paul would not say to us “imitate Jesus” but rather “imitate Mary as she imitates Christ”.

    • 2 Andy Neill February 8, 2012 at 9:17 pm

      He doesn’t really cover it that much, which i wish i’d pointed out for the essay! He suggests “the imitation of paul leads to the imitation of Christ” (P145)

      Though looking back I haven’t many notes on that idea. He was weak here, and seemingly quite at contrast with Hays (who i only touched on v briefly)

      Impressed to see you’re reading these! This one especially I didn’t particularly enjoy


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