Theologians of the slums

This blog has somewhat morphed into a way for me to vent and explore the stuff I’m studying. Perhaps it always was it’s just now I find it much more useful!

Found this from Marcella Athaus-Reid in a piece criticising liberation theology for being insufficient.

Unless we have theologians from the slums (not just living there as part of a church project) the liberationist argument of theological representatives contradicts itself.

Althaus-Reid M. Another Possible World. London: SCM Press; 2007. p37

This is a big question as it seems that the voice of a rich, white prod is irrelevant to the conversation. My very existence is complicit in the systems that keep people oppressed.

But it also outlines another problem – what do theologians of the slums look like? Indeed how can they do theology, when it is required that you not only read and write but are highly educated and do work in the context of the academy. It seems, in order to be a theologian of the slums, you must leave the slums and become as middle class as the rest of this.

The whole thing seems a bit irresolvable as it stands.

Any thoughts welcome.


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