The God we disbelieve in

This is one of the most useful things I’ve learnt in the past 4 or 5 years. I remember chatting with a really thoughtful doc that I worked with in NZ and it came to me that I didn’t believe in the God that he didn’t believe in either.

I’ve had that confirmed to me lots of times since but in reading through McGrath’s textbook on theology I found this in a section on the trinity

The God in whom the nineteenth and twentieth centuries came to disbelieve had been invented only in the seventeenth century

He is of course quoting Alasdair Macintyre.


1 Response to “The God we disbelieve in”

  1. 1 Stephen Bridgett December 31, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    Thank you for this quote. It puts a much wider and greater perspective on our view of God, and reminds me of a quote from a book that my cousin gave me by Tim Keller:

    ‘…but when Christianity first arose in the world it was not called a religion. It was the non-religion. Imagine the neighbours of early Christians asking them about their faith. “Where’s is your temple?” they’d ask. The Christians would reply that they didn’t have a temple. … “Where do your priests labor?” .. they didn’t have priests. …. “where are the sacrifices made to please your gods?” … they did not make sacrifices anymore…. Jesus was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices. …… So the Romans called them “atheists”, because what the Christians were saying about spirituality was unique………This parable [the Prodical God] explains why they were absolutely right to call them atheists.’

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