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One down (one to go…)

I need to stop making that joke, or Wylie will hurt me. More than she has already.

A year ago we were here

enjoying the beautiful Co. Down weather (technically we were in Co. Down, just over the river at Moyallon School)

This year we were here

Now I don’t want you to view these 2 photos as in some way symbolic of the state of our marriage.

Perhaps this would be more appropriate

Kidding… honestly…


A year in we went away to stay in a house that used to be a stable, surrounded by other houses that wouldn’t pass any modern day building codes. But hey it’s all very nice.

We climbed hills

And got photos to prove we did it

And when not enjoying “happy monk” related delicacies

we entered into the Wylie family tradition

Yes I know. We can really party…

Marriage is a little bit like being beaten with a bag of door knobs. It’s not exactly easy but it has deep and long lasting effects on your life.

I have been more deeply changed in the last year than I perhaps ever have in my life before. Not all of those changes have been good I’m sure but I am grateful for them. Most of this comes from being married to a person who knows the importance of honesty, integrity and the fact that neither one of us is enough. Amen to that.

Here’s to a few more is all I can say



June 2011