A community of character

Just started reading this (though it was first published the year I was born…) and right there paragraph 1 page 1 is this:

though this book touches on on many issues it is dominated by one concern: to reestablish the social significance of the church as distinct society with an integrity peculiar to itself. My wish is that this book will help Christians that their most important social task is nothing less than to be a community capable of hearing the story of God we find in the scripture and living in a manner that is faithful to that story. The church is too often justified by believers, and tolerated by non-believers, as a potential agent for justice or some other good effect. In contrast, I contend that the only reason for being Christian (which may well have results that in a society’s terms seem less than “good”) is because Christian convictions are true; and the only reason for participation in the church is that it is the community that pledges to form its life by that truth.


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