Better ways of being lost

Richard Lehman is one of the more lucid writers on the medical literature. What he outlines here is not confined to primary care but seems all pervasive throughout medicine.

Now in the UK, the management of diabetes, like that of several other “chronic diseases,” is governed by a one-size-fits-all model which we must obey on pain of losing part of our income. It is much easier to do useless things for people who are relatively well than hard things for people who are treatment-resistant or non-adherent. And every year the QOF must get tighter, or GPs will slacken and earn too much, which they do already. So every year, with guidance from NICE, the wise and the good and the wily sit down together and work out how far GPs should be pushed next year. And the GPs duly do more and more things for people who need them less and less. There may be a different way of doing things: pray God it comes in time to rescue what sanity and professionalism remains in our ranks

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  1. 1 heresmewa May 18, 2011 at 9:33 am

    Hey Andy

    I trust you are well. Looks from your blog that you are well suited to married life. I still have a wedding present for you sitting in my study! Will you be back North any time soon?

    Heads up on my new blog and the exciting news regarding Universal Salvation day!

    Hope to see you soon.



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