The Wire

We don’t have a TV. Yes I am better than you, thanks for noticing.

I used to pretty much only watch Lost, getting a series to watch all in one go, in a pizza and beer-fueled, isolationist sit-in over 14 hours. Those were good times.

I’ve not been that tempted by many of the others on offer but the sheer number and quality has got me interested again.

Me and the Mrs have just finished all 5 series of the Wire. This time spread out over a rather civilised 3 or 4 months with breaks for real life in between episodes.

It really was quite the ride.

Baltimore really is a special kind of place. I listen to a medical podcast ran by a guy working out of Baltimore and they did a piece on violence in the ED.

In Craigavon, this might mean a pissed guy putting out a window. In Baltimore it meant having police in the department and metal detectors at the entrance.

I’m a big fan of Omar. You’ve got to love the slightly perverse Robin Hood thing – stealing from the drug dealers to give to… well himself. But he had his own slightly corrupt and warped morality that contrasted nicely with continual corruption and lack of integrity every where else in the show.

Given that I gave about 60 hours of my life to watching the show I figured it deserved a mention.

Incidentally we’ve just started Boardwalk Empire.


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