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Money won’t change you

Transfarmer tends to ask good questions. And when i shut up long enough to consider them then good stuff happens

We were talking the other night about money and class and how we should live as followers of Jesus

Transfarmer asked if we should seek poverty to the extent that we come to depend on the charity of others?

I know some people – particular missionary folk who have made conscious choices of that kind – but most of us simply give out of our plenty instead of so arranging our lives so that we have less money.

Then I was reading in this little book – Finding Peace by Jean Vanier. (where the incredible story Des hommes et des dieux is also referred to)

He told the story of a group of nuns who have spent their lives living in a tent herding goats, because this is how the Tuareg people of Niger lived. The nuns felt called to be with the Tuareg people and once that was decided then living their way of life was a no-brainer of a question.

That God has a “heart” for the poor is pretty clear and if we follow Jesus we will inevitably be led towards the poor.

If we are called to be with certain parts of our community then perhaps that should shape how we live and what we do with our money.



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