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The Politics of Jesus – 2

Some quotes from The Politics of Jesus for you. A few of them are by a guy called Berkhof (i think it is the guy I’ve linked to) who I’d never heard of but I like what he said. with regards to the “powers” of the world.

the cross has disarmed them; wherever it is preached, the unmasking and disarming of the powers takes place

More Berkhof

all resistance and every attack against the gods of this age will be unfruitful, unless the church herself is resistance and attack, unless she demonstrates in her life and fellowship how men can live freed from the powers

And now Yoder himself with the best one:

the very existence of the church is its primary task…the church does not attack the powers; this christ has done. The church concentrates on not being seduced by them. By existing the church demonstrates that their rebellion has been vanquished.

So what of a civil rights movement in the 60s led by a man with Christ’s victory at the fore front of his mind. What of a movement against slavery?

Both of these now have support of the church as a good thing even though the church was complici for years in their perpetuation

Is it that only when the church is what it should be – a place that has the lordship of Jesus lived out – that individuals are called to challenge the power.

Perhaps it is this:

A church that lives under the lordship of Jesus would be full of all nations and all races

A church that lives under the lordship of Jesus would have members who refuse to keep slaves.





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