Don’t waste time doing things you hate

I am a fairly motivated enthusiastic person. If you ask me what I’m doing at any time then likely I’ll be enjoying it. This can be as diverse as drinking whisky, doing the dishes or engaging in memorizing the course of the facial nerve and its branches.
Following in my fathers footsteps I have come to enjoy a good to do list. Both formal and infomal. The formal ones sit as litttle digital notes synced throughout cyberspace reminding me to buy onions or something.
The informal ones are the idle thoughts lying around in my mind thinking through books to read or recipes to try out or something to study or running an ectricity supply to the shed.
Given an ocean of time I’d still feel like there wasn’t enough.
The informal lists exist as a never ending supply of ideas and tasks all in the effort to stave off boredom.
Boredom scares me. But only because I have got so used to doing and engaging in things that I enjoy.
The usual questions arise like where I find significance and identity. Never mind the impact of all these lists on the people that surround me.

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