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Muscle Museum

I’m trying to figure out what it is that I like so much about dissection.

For two weeks now that’s what I’ve done. I get up, go to work and sit on a stool hunched over a donor’s remains with my headphones playing medical podcasts. Sometimes I’m the only one in the department.

My head feels at rest doing this. I hesitate to devalue the word peace by using it here when I’m describing a situation where I’m merely focused doing something with my hands and not being interrupted every 2 minutes.

I enjoy the privilege of what I get to do. I enjoy that I am effectively paid to learn at the minute. I enjoy teasing out nerves from behind muscles. I love leaving a dissection when it looks like something from netter’s.

I suppose I feel I’m being somehow creative with the remains of the dead. The human body is superbly well put together and extravagant in it’s function. It’s nice to help make that clearer and easier to see.


Commuter love – #7

Winter has arrived. Even if it’s only early autumn I feel the change so abruptly that I over dramatise it. I have draft proofed the house and added a curtain over the front door. I’m thinking of retrieving the slippers out of the cupboard

Sitting on the train platform I feel the gust blow down by neck and I feel cold. Cold in a way I haven’t felt for 6 months or so. I zip up the top of my fleece and pull the collar of the jacket around me.

Maybe I should take up smoking. It makes sense shivering on a platform and inhaling warm air/smoke. It seems like a good idea despite the obvious limitations if I think about thermodynamics. Best not to think.

I like the cold. When it’s a passing experience, when I know there’s a train coming or a warm house at the end.

My bag will get even heavier. Not just the book, the laptop, the coffee and my lunch. Now I’ll he carrying around hat and scarf. Like a snail carrying his house on his back. Though it’s more akin to a snail carrying his home entertainment system on his back. And a snail would never do anything that silly.


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