The cowshed

Back when the garden used to look like this:

The shed had two big holes on either side of the apex (which I regret not photographing at the time) where the trees had grown though the felt and into the shed. Everything in the shed was a little bit and damp and useless including the electric lawn mower.

So using bits from a dismantled book shelf and a needless number of nails and screws at random angles – I find that an equal ratio of wood to metal fittings is the best way to keep anything standing, it may also be the mark of a rank amateur.

Anyhow, so using whatever junk I could find, I got a new roof put on and fixed (ever so subtly…) some of the floorboards.

This was all topped off by some roofing felt that I slightly mis-measured and had to correct at the end. It is not exactly a work of art but hopefully it’ll keep the lawnmower dry this time.

[I am of course available for all your home maintenance and roofing needs. Quality not guaranteed. Getting the job done without being distracted by the internet also not guaranteed]

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August 2010

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