The call to discipleship – 1

I date all my books when I start reading partly to mark them as mine and partly to help me remember when I read them the first time round.
I read the call to discipleship back in dec 08, I’d read bonhoeffers cost of discipleship a few months before which makes sense.
Barth writes densely argued sentences, the kind where you need to take careful note of the last comma to know which part of the argument the current section refers to. This always baffles me. I was never good with my use of punctuation. And I do things like start sentences with ‘and’. Liz would he ashamed of me.
I skimmed it too quick. I do that a lot with a lot of books. Read quickly with the intent of getting the book done so I can start a new tantalisingly exiting book that’s calling me from the shelf. I’m too impatient to enjoy being present. I suspect that spills over into life too
Anyhow. Reading it again, slowly, a chapter a day, I begin to get a bit more of the depth of what he says.
in the call of Jesus one is met by the fulfilled promise of god as valid for him or her. In and with the command of Jesus, solid ground is placed under their feet when they are on the point of falling into the abyss. What the command requires if them is simply, but comprehensively, that in practice as well as in theory they should regard it as able to bear him, and stand on it, and no longer leave it.
We do not trust in “an idea of Christ, or a christology, or a christocentric system of thought…” The call to “follow me” is the call to accept and pursue and stand firm on an actuality.

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