A man without a country

This guy put me onto Vonnegut just after he dies. Vonnegut that is not Jason. I am eternally grateful for that.

The guy who made this give me this book:

So I figured I’d give you a bunch of quotes to chew over:

On Karl Marx

When Marx wrote those words we hadn’t even freed our slaves yet. Who do you imagine was more pleasing in the eyes of God back then, Karl Marx, or the USA?

On career choice

if you really want to hurt your parents and you haven’t the nerve to be gay, the least you can do is go into the arts

On taking Pall Mall to court

i have never chain-smoked anything but unfiltered Pall-malls (since I was 12) and for many years they have promised to kill me. But I am now 82, thanks a lot you dirty rats. The last thing I ever wanted was to be alive when the three most powerful people on the planet would be named Bush, Dick and Colon. [Vonnegut died from a head injury in the end]

On marriage and community

when a couple has an argument nowadays, they may think it’s about money or power or sex or how to raise the kids or whatever. But what they’re really saying to each other, though without realising it is this: “you are not enough people!”

On Jesus

how do humanists feel about jesus? I say of jesus, as all humanists do, “if what he said is good, and so much of it is absolutely beautiful, what does it matter if he was God or not?”

But if Christ hadn’t delivered the sermon on the mount with its message of mercy and pity, I wouldn’t want to be a human being.

Most of the time I think we have more in common with the humanists than almost anyone else but the sermon on the mount falls flat for me without the divinity.

Anyhow, read more Vonnegut, it’ll do you good.

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