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Kiss The Rain

One is immensely proud of oneself

[You have to say the title more as “Keesh Le Rain” to get the joke…]

Better Together

We got married.

It was kind of fun.

Most of you were there. Thanks for coming, we appreciate it.

Once me and Simy had got the bouncy castle sorted I finally had to let go of the reigns and let the party run itself. We’d spent so long organising the damn thing that it was hard to let go of being in control. I have issues with control I think.

But you ask people to do stuff for you and you give them their job and you let them run with it. And they nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. Everyone.

One would think I should have been nervous about getting married. But not a bit of it. I was more worried as to whether it would piss down and we’d arranged for 300 people to stand in a tend in a car park in the rain. I would have felt bad if that had happened.

As for getting married I was cool with that. It seemed like a great idea. And I still think it is so why would I worry? I trusted Wylie would turn up and she did.

I still get all teary thinking about the speeches. I missed my Da. I still do. I always will. I suppose that’s how it works.

Here’s to the Nylies. (Copyright Deb Byrne, all rights reserved)


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