A holiday at the sea

There may be other things to do in the outer hebrides on honeymoon but between world cup matches I did manage to get through a few books:

– The Idiot – Dostoyevsky – I like Dostoyevsky, I really do but I find all the Russian patronymics a litte bit bewildering to follow. Myshkin is a pretty cool character though, especially in the context of his peers

– Philapelphia here I come – Brian Friel – when I read screenplays I can’t help but picture myself watching a performance somewhere

– The Reason for God – Tim Keller – written with enough sense to realise that reason will only get us so far

– The Four Loves – CS Lewis – so good we got Zoomtard to read it at our wedding. Well a little bit of it anyhow.

– Gilead – Marilynne Robinson – I don’t think I got all the beauty and depths of theology the first time I read this. I read it too quick. This is a book to be savoured. Preferrably with a setting sun and a single malt

– Life Together – Dietrich Bonhoeffer – I think I’ve quoted enough from this for now…

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