Party Fears Two

I’m getting married June 17th. We have a silly little website here.

We’re trying to do the wedding a little bit differently, partly because we have made a life career out of trying to be a bit different and part because we believe most weddings are a big pile of steaming horseshit. I think I paraphrased Wylie somewhat there…

For someone who enjoys making lists and logistics it has been a wonderful experience – unlike marriage which sounds painful and depressing…

I have 4 different wedding related spreadsheets and lots of little notes and “to-dos”

I have had a lot of fun planning all this. Mainly.

But occasionally you take a deep breath and go “aww crap… we have an awful lot to do…” I think in those moments I am what most people would call “stressed”.

But come June 17th at 4.30 pm I have to become “hands off”

The whole shebang needs to run without me. That will be a blow to my fragile go. My significance and identity in any situation resolves on how useful I can be.

Watch me next time I’m in a situation when something needs done. I’ll probably already be doing it. Whenever I throw a party I’m always the one at the sink doing the dishes.

I am Martha to your Mary. Though I often wonder that if Martha had just been organised or had a dishwater she could have got the dishes done and sat at Jesus’ feet.

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