I’ve been to a marvellous party

Friday night was my chance to see Divine Comedy as close up and personal as I ever likely will.

I am, it could be said a big fan. The man knows how to write  lyric and a melody and a chord sequence. The man is a living legend.

I kept leaning over to Transfarmer and recounting tales of when we used to play that song or this song in the wedding band or some school concert.

I fondly remember busting a string on the second note of the guitar solo in National Express in the civic centre in Craigavon during  school concert.

It is odd that Neil Hannon seems like one of ours, an Irishman, a much beloved Irishman. It’s odd because the whole persona he has created is intensely English. This is the man (who with another Irishman) made an entire (and wonderful) album about cricket. Yes of course there’s satire, and parody but then we Irish can’t pretend that we’re not just a little bit English at heart…

The Sugar Club is a wonderful place for a gig. Despite missing the early rush to grab a seat we managed to get a seat that some lovely young folk were willing to share. Rarely have I been more happy to get a seat a gig.

This was a civilised gig. He came in a suit and bowler hat and there was even an interlude. He rattled through some really high quality new stuff (can’t wait to hear the full version of the Complete Banker – the man knows how to capture the mood of a nation) and some old classics too. I’d be happy if he’s just stopped at Tonight we Fly (the second song).

The thing that everyone will remember is the mistakes. Firstly that they happened at all – I was a little bit surprised at the frequency of the cock ups of the lyrics and chords. And secondly – the mistakes were half the banter of the night, it became like a little bit of stand up mixed with pop.

Bring on the album.


1 Response to “I’ve been to a marvellous party”

  1. 1 Jay Wilson May 16, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Great to see you at the gig – and to meet Transfarmer 🙂

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