Don’t change your plans

Let me see. Where was/am I?

This is the plan.

In the next few months I get married to this idiot ball and chain sucking parasitic drag on my life light of my life.

That’ll be fun for starters. Let me say this and be clear – I have thoroughly enjoyed planning and organising our wedding. I mean that. You’re always told how stressful and horrible it is but it isn’t – at least ours isn’t. It’s been fun and cool to see it all come together.

Some of you will be getting an invite soon. I think the invites alone are worth getting married for but that’s just me.

We’ve planned a kick ass honeymoon except this guy has gone and made a TV show about it and given away the secret. And even has the dog I want.

Being a big fan of consumerist, western traditions I’m having a “stag do”. By which I mean we’ll form a canoe flotilla to Coney Island for a night for a BBQ and sit round a fire. I hope to retain both eyebrows. If you’d like to come let me know though I’m afraid testicles are probably a requirement.

[Incidentally me and transfarmer were there yesterday checking up on the place. It is still wonderful though feeling the effects of the biggest freeze in a long time followed by flooding. Peter (the wonderful warden who lives on the island, whose broken arm I fixes one nnight with my magical healing powers) has his work cut out just reclaiming the paths from the island.

Walking around the place feels a bit like the set of Lost. I’m waiting for polar bears and smoke mosnters and off shacks with shadowy old men in them to appear from the trees… here wait a minute…]

I have quit my job here, where I have worked on and off for 10 years (I started as a cleaner on weekends in the ED there and now I’m a doctor in the ED there. While the doctoring certainly pays better I pine on occasion for a floor buffer and a night shift…) give or take a few detours to NZ or looking after Da.

I will miss this place. I will miss these people. I will even miss not getting home till 2am and the not sleeping and worrying about the patients.

I love my current job in man ways – as much as it drives me batty. I think I am really quite good at it most of the time – though I could be a hell of a lot better. I even dare to use the words “call” and “vocation” in association with it.

But seeing as most patients I see end up dead shortly after I see them I figured I may just cut out the middle man (which may actually be me…) and just deal with dead people. So I have got a job here for a year in where I’ll be working with medical (and other professions) students doing cadaveric dissection (though I might wear gloves). And they even pay me.

I will work during term time and between 9 and 5. This will be a new experience for me. I currently only work 40 hours a week so I’m not normally mad busy but I do work a lot of evenings and weekends.

We will be living here home of – debo, clairebo, zoomtard, mitchelinman, and I finally endeavour to become a member of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland, finally overcoming my own procrastination on the issue of membership.

We both have jobs for a year. We have no real plan beyond that. I have never really had a plan beyond a year so I suppose that’s nothing new.

I suppose this is all a bit of a change really. Exciting but perhaps somewhat unknown. I am neither scared nor apprehensive. I rather feel I should be.


5 Responses to “Don’t change your plans”

  1. 1 theofficeinthestoreroom April 27, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    So when do we officially get to call you Gringo!

  2. 2 Clairebo April 29, 2010 at 10:28 am

    We cannot *wait* to have you as our neighbour. x

  3. 3 Debo May 3, 2010 at 12:08 am

    What Clairebo said.

  4. 4 anna May 3, 2010 at 11:18 am

    glad to hear you say the planning has not been horrible, i was told by someone yesterday that it can be horrendous… i’m optimistic that it won’t be 🙂 how things can change in a year… nearly this time last year was that random drink with zoomy in belfast! enjoy these happy days…

  5. 5 espero May 7, 2010 at 12:49 pm

    Shame you couldn’t have got a job with the superior institution down the road…
    Fond memories of our demonstrators gleefully ripping out body parts of a Monday afternoon and the lovely Stiffanie who donated herself.

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