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Something for the weekend

I spent most of my adolescence in these hills. When i should have been chasing girls and trying various substances under-age I was hiking up hills in the pissing rain with this lot.

These were some of the happiest times of my life so I’m not complaining. I figure it was time well spent – the substances get better with age and the women are still there just when you’re not looking for them.

We booked this about 4 or 5 months ago at the height of the wedding planning nonsense. As a little break and a chance to “get out heads showered” (whatever that means…). It also seemed a pretty apt pre-honeymoon as hills, mountains, oceans and driving is just what we have planned.

I had it all planned to go from our little cottage near Kilkeel to get to Belfast just in time for the Laura Marling gig. Tickets in back pocket we step out of the car at the Spring & Airbrake and I realise that I have the Divine Comedy tickets not the Laura Marling tickets.

Not my finest hour.

We climbed hills, watched hills and even managed to BBQ some duck on the grilliput.

I read some of David Bentley Hart’s The beauty of the infinte (a whole 20 pages in total) and my head hurts so much at all the mind-blowing ideas and complicated words that I had to keep looking up in Wikipedia –  it’s gonna take some time to get through:

beauty seems to promise a reconciliation beyond the contradictions of the moment, one that perhaps places time’s tragedies within a broader perspective of harmony and meaning, a balance between light and darkness; beauty appears to absolve being of its violences.

The Mournes aren’t exactly huge when it comes to hills but I still think they’re the best in Ireland.

I also spent a whole 72 hours with no phone and no internet access, not even emails on the iPhone. I should do it more often when I’m away. I experienced absolutely zero cravings or desire to catch up on the blogs or emails.

Yes I’ve noticed that I’m contradicting myself as I type.


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