The man of metropolis steals our hearts

When I die (not if but when) you can take my organs and give them to other people as Christmas presents to replace their failing organs.

Now this will only happen in specific circumstances. Like if transfarmer beats me on the head with a hammer and I am brain dead.  If I wasn’t legally dead at that point I’d be screaming “take my organs and give them to the nearest cute child with kidney failure!”

When GOD says “behold I am making all things new” I’m pretty sure he’ll know how to find me, even if I’m in a few different bodies at once.

I am a proponent of presumed consent.

70% want to donate their organs, only 28% are on the register. Very few will ever die in the circumstances that let us take their organs, so it’s important that as many people as possible are on the register.

This guy reminds us of all the very obvious and ends with a theological exposition of the substitutionary atonement in relation to organ donation. Tom Wright gets everywhere these days…

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