It’s all gonna break

Maybe I could start a blog called “things that go wrong with my apple products and how to fix them with common  house hold items”. Max O’Malley would like it at least.

I’ve noticed the trackpad and keyboard on my MacBookPro has stopped working for no apparent reason of late. This leaves a fully functioning computer and programs working but no way of controlling it without plugging in an external keyboard.

Most of the time a hard reset solved the problem.

Until 3am on Monday morning when I got back from work and wanted to read up on all the obscure medical conditions that i’d misdiagnosed in work.

Several hard resets later i was no better off. A quick google search on the phone found lots of people with similar problems all of which were resolved when the people concerned took their computer to Apple and paid 250 quid to have a new keyboard and track pad fitted.

Till I found this guy

I’ll reproduce his fix with photos from my computer here

  • Get a small piece of sticky tape and roll it up
  • With the power on, battery out and machine on:

  • Place the Sticky tape onto the ribbon cable whilst pressing the caps lock key to identify that the keyboard is working

  • Close the screen and turn over your mac book.
  • Replace the battery so that it presses on the sticky tape and ribbon cable

Note the slight dent on the ribbon cable in the photo –  it was there before I even began fiddling. I found I didn’t even need the bit of sticky tape, just a bit of fiddling with the ribbon cable did the job.

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