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Mission of GOD – 6

environmentalism –  as a movement, or an articulated concept is a fairly recent idea. The idea that we need to look after the place, environment and planet that we live in is hardly new. In fact it was a great unwritten rule and only when we developed the technology to destroy our environment did its protection become a topic of discussion.

There has been a recent explosion in writing and talking about how we protect the place where we live and how our lifestyles impact it.

This has got a lot of attention in both secular and Christian circles.

Here Chris Wright gives a theological articulation of what GOD’s mission is in relation to the earth itself.

The obvious place to begin is Genesis where we are told that the earth was created and that it was good.

He goes on to talk about the important distinction that was stated in Israel’s belief about the physical environment – that it was sacred but not divine. This was of course one of many things that set them apart from the nations around them who typically divinised the earth, the moon etc…

The earth itself is a part of GOD’s mission. The great redemption and “making new” that GOD is doing includes the creation. We will not be siphoned off as spirits to be with GOD. GOD comes to be with us and is making all things – both our bodies and the creation around us – new.

If this is how GOD’s mission relates to the earth then that affects how we as the people of GOD relate to it. If we are trying to build the Kingdom of GOD then how we treat the physical environment is important.

to avoid overconsumption and unnecessary waste…

And we as the great consumers on our planet shoulder perhaps the biggest responsibility for change.


It’s all gonna break

Maybe I could start a blog called “things that go wrong with my apple products and how to fix them with common  house hold items”. Max O’Malley would like it at least.

I’ve noticed the trackpad and keyboard on my MacBookPro has stopped working for no apparent reason of late. This leaves a fully functioning computer and programs working but no way of controlling it without plugging in an external keyboard.

Most of the time a hard reset solved the problem.

Until 3am on Monday morning when I got back from work and wanted to read up on all the obscure medical conditions that i’d misdiagnosed in work.

Several hard resets later i was no better off. A quick google search on the phone found lots of people with similar problems all of which were resolved when the people concerned took their computer to Apple and paid 250 quid to have a new keyboard and track pad fitted.

Till I found this guy

I’ll reproduce his fix with photos from my computer here

  • Get a small piece of sticky tape and roll it up
  • With the power on, battery out and machine on:

  • Place the Sticky tape onto the ribbon cable whilst pressing the caps lock key to identify that the keyboard is working

  • Close the screen and turn over your mac book.
  • Replace the battery so that it presses on the sticky tape and ribbon cable

Note the slight dent on the ribbon cable in the photo –  it was there before I even began fiddling. I found I didn’t even need the bit of sticky tape, just a bit of fiddling with the ribbon cable did the job.

Kid go get it

Been a while since I’ve had any new music worth talking about.

Inevitably when it comes it’s all Northern Irish indie bands

Just before Christmas SixStarHotel released their new album. These guys have been about fro years and their musicianship goes from strength. With Tides and Tides I think they’ve perfected it.

Two Door Cinema Club are annoyingly young and talented and make me wish I’d dedicated my youth to floppy hair and playing crappy indie venues instead of wasting my time in education…

They’ve received a lot of press and have been on tour since some time before they were actually born it seems. They finally have a deal and an album and it rocks.

And last and of course best we have the Lowly Knights. It has been a pleasure seeing these songs develop live and  become the wonderful creations they are on the Hollows EP. In an ideal world I’d love my music to sound like Mumford & Sons, but it would have to be with a hefty does of the Lowly Knights. Sharing a house with the pianist probably makes me a bit biased but hey.


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