I have a tendency to be over prepared. I think I was ready to marry Transfarmer on the basis of the first email she ever sent me. Or maybe that’s presumptuous, not over-prepared.

I like being organised. I like lists and plans.

Having decided a date on which to move out of my current house I phoned BT to try to set a date for closing my account and eventually through their monolithic website got in contact with a nice lady who agreed to terminate the contract on the agreed date.

Three days later my phone line gone dead. Not the three months I’d intended.

So I gradually got more frustrated with the BT website – which loudly proclaimed there was no problem with my account but unfortunately their online line tester was malfunctioning. I reported the fault online and checked the next day to see how it was coming along to find there was no record of a fault on the website.

The web is all well and good – when it works.

So after 30 minutes via Bangalore and back again on the phone I get to speak to someone who recognises the cock up and agrees to reconnect me the same day.

All well and good.

At least till I try to reconnect the internet. And I find out that BT disconnecting me has also disconnected my broadband connection and Plusnet need 65 pounds to reconnect me (which I presume is a charge BT make to Plusnet).

I spent all evening rehearsing how to phone BT and shout and give off and demand recompense for their cock up. I fell asleep thinking that “nah, I can’t be arsed, they’ll just say it’s a third party problem and deny any responsibility…”

I got a phone call today from a lovely wee Northern Irish BT woman today who was following up on all the attempted fault reporting I’d tried on the BT website. She was a little bit behind the times and not aware that I had been disconnected and reconnected but was very lovely when I hinted that maybe BT should pay the 65 quid I forked out.

So the email and receipt has been emailed and I await their response. I’m almost tempted to be optimistic about it.


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