Mission of GOD – 2

Chapter 8 looks at GOD’s model of redemption. Redemption being something that GOD clearly does and something the Bible talks an awful lot about.

He uses the Exodus narrative as the model GOD presents. It is here that we first find the words that relate to redemption – some unpronounceable (or even typeable) Hebrew word that corresponds to the famous kinsman redeemer role found in the book of Ruth.

It is in the interpretation of this model of redemption that we as the Church tend to get in trouble. Classically we choose two ways:

1) the spiritual route – as GOD redeems Israel from slavery to Egypt, so JESUS redeems us from slavery to sin.

2) the liberationist route – GOD hears the cries of injustice and socio-economic poverty and acts to bring about restoration

And what we end up with is a dualism that never existed. Of course the exodus is narrative is a prototype of how GOD deals with us spiritually (and there are plenty more examples) and of course GOD is concerned here for justice and their current social and historical situation.

To drive a wedge between these leads to confusion in how the church fulfils its role in the mission of GOD. The world is filled with human beings who need a church that is willing to engage with them as whole human beings, in both their physical and spiritual brokenness.


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