In a big country

11-1-10 Clear Creek Cove, Burnet, TX

Texas is not used to temperatures below freezing. Ireland is used to them but just completely useless at dealing with them as has become apparent.

So Texan houses are made from wood frames and with central heating systems that are more designed for the air conditioning aspect than they are for the heating part.

They work. They do heat the place to a degree but they’re all vents and fans and make an unholy racket while you’re trying to sleep. It’s like a million hair dryers pointing out of the wall.

Being the middle of winter there is no one here, the surrounding houses are quiet and dark’ the speedboats under their awnings and the boat houses empty.

The squirrels and the ducks don’t seem to mind.

We made a brief journey out in the car to see the Buchanan dam (this whole lake and state park is the result of damming the Colorado river to provide electricity – in 1937) and see that while the dam was pretty damn impressive the lake behind it was more like Spelga on bad day.

We went and saw Longhorn cavern. Which from what I gathered from the museum was a big hole in the ground that the army, fresh back from WWII with no one to invade till Korea, decided to make a whole lot bigger.

As holes go it was kind of nice. And I suppose it’s got to be better than WWII. Amongst the many photos I found one on some of the training they received. For what the mind can only boggle…

Back in the house for want of food I devoured a Kurt Vonnegut book of essays and stories on war and found these couple of lines

there can be no doubt that the allows fought on the side of right and the Japanese on the side of wrong. World war II was fought for near-holy motives. But I stand convinced that the brand of justice in which we dealt, wholesale bombings of civilian populations, was blasphemous.
That the enemy did it first has nothing to do with the moral problem. What I saw of our air war, as the European conflict neared an end, had the earmarks of bring an irrational war for wars sake. Soft citizens of the American democracy learned to kick a man below the bel and make the bastard scream.


if jesus were alive today we would kill him with lethal injection. I call that progress. We would have killed him for the same reason he was killed the first time. His ideas are just too liberal.

This followed by pizza, beer, lighting of the fire and a quick cigar on the veranda. And who would have thought that there was such a thing as good American whiskey. The world does not begin and end with scotch it seems.

12-1-10 Clear creek cove

Is there anything better for breakfast than cold pizza from the night before. If there is I haven’t found it yet. And even if there is I’m not sure I want any.

Incidentally this is perhaps the longest I have gone without Internet since I got the iPhone. Two whole days. I don’t even notice. Only because I’m right where I want to be. If I was back in my normal context then I’d be getting all twitchy and shaky from the withdrawal.

It got sunny today. Sunny enough to lie on the jetty in a t-shirt.

I found a canoe at the side of the house but it was chained up and even then I couldn’t find any paddles. Would have been nice though.

BBQ for dinner in a Texan style BBQ – seems to be a metal trash can with the coals so far from the grill that it takes an age to cool anything. But it gives everything a great flavour and at least there’s not the “burnt on the outside, bleeding on the inside” you get in Irish BBQs.


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