Punch drunk love sick singalong

For the doctors out there – I am a little bit dubious about the use of thrombolytic agents in the treatment of acute ischaemic stroke. I am not alone in this, though I am in the minority. My particular beef lies with the evidence base behind that and the drug company involvement in its promotion.

This poster isn’t helpful in so many ways.

Firstly – I would suggest against calling an ambulance unquestioningly for anyone you see with trouble walking. It only takes an ounce of common sense to realise that most people by midnight on a saturday night are experiencing most of these symptoms.

The suggestion to call “911 immediately”is neither practical nor helpful

Secondly – the assertion that treatment within 60 minutes can prevent disability. The whole medical debate is about treatment within 180 minutes – the vast majority being closer to the 180 mark.

We have no real idea if treatment within 60 minutes is good or not – it is virtually impossible to start having your stroke, get to hospital, get seen, get a CT scan and then decide on treatment within 60 minutes.

My advice is – only have your stroke in hospital. And even then 60 minutes is pushing it.


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