Crosstown Traffic

Coming back from Maynooth yesterday took a good 2 and 3 quarter hours instead of the usual hour and 3 quarters. Largely due to the huge number of Irish travelling north to take advantage of the public holiday in the south and the favourable euro to pound rate.

Coming into newry was backlogged a good few miles with people queued patiently in both lanes. Till some chancers who obviously felt their need to have fire works and wide screen TVs bought by lunch time led them to drive down the hard shoulder and try and squeeze in further up the queue.  These weren’t men driving their wives to hospital in early labour. They were almost without exception two parent families with 2.4 kids in the back and their SUVs or people carriers.

You could sense the rage rising in the morally self-righteous waiting patiently in the queue.

Until that is, a couple of articulated lorries decided to block the hard shoulder by driving the mysterious middle lane with their trailers half in the hard shoulder.

Justice was done. You could see drivers giving the lorries a satisfied look of approval at their policing of the situation.


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