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You talk way too much

Sorry for all the quotes but they really are crackers.

From the journal of the college to which i belong – reasons why i find my job stressful and why i don’t sleep so well at night:

The emergency department (ED) is a complex and difficult environment in which to provide medical care and differs substantially from more traditional settings in healthcare organisations. Care is “unbounded” in the sense that the ED is the only part of the hospital where any number of patients can be admitted and held. It is the only “infinitely expansible” part of the hospital. Emergency caregivers typically treat many patients simultaneously and in a much greater variety than do caregivers in other settings; there are no limits on the type of complaint or condition that patients may present with; there are severe time constraints and often a paucity of information.

…This Government-set performance indicator target aims to increase the speed with which the patient moves through the emergency admission system, with 98% of patients being seen, treated and either admitted or discharged within 4 h. This has created huge pressures, not only on the ED but also on our support services and diagnostic services to increase their efficiency.

…Communication and decision-making are arguably the principal activities of emergency staff. In one study, 89% of emergency physicians’ time involved communication

…Observational studies have revealed that staff members working in the ED are dealing with up to 42 communication events per hour, with a third of these being classified as interruptions. Moreover, senior clinicians and nurses have been shown to be subject to the highest levels of communications and interruptions

I don’t even like people. I am so in the wrong job…



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