You know what i want to know

Sometimes i wonder what the medical profession did before the internet. One presumes they paid lots of money for expensive textbooks and went to medical school and stuff.

Virtually all my learning is done on line (some people would say that I should have done my learning while in medical school but i spent far too much time playing guitar and reading CS Lewis), trying to get my head around 9 or 10 different medical journals a month and the 2 gigabytes of plain text that is UpToDate.

Even in work I (and others) will frequently type symptoms and signs into google to see if there’s anything I haven’t thought of (usually quite a lot). I have looked up many simple and complex procedures on the internet before trying them out (just to be sure that the hip bone is still connected to the thigh bone…)

I also adore podcasts – some better quality than others. From the dull but accurate ACEP and SCCM podcasts to the excellent Albany Medical Centre (all be it with terrible sound).

My two new favorites are EM:RAP and the Persiflager’s Puscast

EM:RAP is presented by a bizzare but often entertaining hat wearing Aussie, who is actually a well respected Professor of emergency medicine.

The Puscast (what a title) is presented by a most sarcastic ID specialist who manages to make even MRSA funny. I also love the photo he uses to cover the podcast:


Says more about the nature of blogging and podcasting than it does infectious diseases.


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