Constructive summer

Let me think. Where does the time go. I need to have a dictaphone with me. Something to pop down a few blog ideas down on. Something i can come back to and flesh out when i get the time.

I watched this movie. And liked it.

Bought one of these to replace my slightly ageing one and absolutely love it. All i need now is a band to play in and some accommodating neighbours to let me turn up the amp.

I did put this song on the site, without the aid of the pod. Which is probably new to most of you who follow this. Apart from you, so don’t get too excited there.

I did some on call in work and tried to sort out a dislocated shoulder and a gunshot to the belly

I drove to the north coast and had a lovely walk here and a good night here. [Despite the terrible website].

I spent some time here, before retiring here and returning to work here which was kind of oddly quiet seeing as how everyone seems to have gone on holiday here and they’re probably getting sick there instead.

I ended up back here and then drove 4 hours to here which is an awful long way but at least there was this and this once i got there. Had a nice walk round here. Ate some of these.

And in between read some of this and discovered this, and realised i could also use it on this, and it’s been all downhill since.

I did find this which was most interesting and perhaps deserves a blog of its own. But maybe that’s just me missing the point.

That about brings us up to speed.

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July 2009

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