The old friends

I’ve got away pretty easily this year with weddings. A couple of years ago I had 6 in 6 weeks. Lots and lots of debenhams vouchers.

The list of friends to be wed is slowly decreasing – the next thing will be the babies.

Some of the best weddings have been with the Junio Ho’s (junior house officers) – the 7 guys i did my first year as a doctor with. All of us slightly scared and confused as to what we were meant to do each day – all a bit scared we might cock sometihng up and kill somone. Good times.

We still all meet up about every 3 months or so, just to catch up on how we’re all getting on. We all go to each others weddings and the guys blew me away when they all came to Dad’s funeral. Better friends than even i thought.


Yesterday we were all together again for a wedding. A good big Catholic wedding in South Armagh that left us ignorant prods feeling all awkward and not knowing when to stand up and sit down and all that.

It was even sunny enough to sit outside and admire the view. An odd but always pleasant experience in Ireland.


The reception was just over the border and it always gives you that moment when you go the bar to order two drinks and you give the bar man ten euro and you wait for your change and then you realise that no, there is no change and in fact you still owe him a couple more euro. Financial crisis and all that.

Managed to successfully avoid dancing all evening. Fine acheivement i must say.

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