Nice places to walk the dog – No. 5

OK so it was pissing down, and it looks a bit grey. And it’s really just a walk along a cycle path round the artificial lakes that form the monstrosity of the great white elephant of a construction plan that is Craigavon.

But still, it has potential. And it was a Sunday afternoon so the walk was required.


About half way round the dog ran into some company. Two big chocolate brown labs who thought the skinny black lady dog (we call them bitches in the technical terminology…) was lots of fun and they went off frollicking through the mud. All three wanted to play “chase the tennis ball” which made everything a little more complicated.

Five minutes later they were still walking with us. As they were 15 minutes after that. It seemed to be the most fun they’d had in a long time and showed no sign of leaving. Wee liz was not amused at the behaviour, and kept trying to wave them away, with no success.

When we got to the car and opened the car, one of the terrible twosome was straight in to the boot and lying down like this had been his boot his whole life.

So if you’ve lost two quite pleasant chocolate labs then they were still in the car park in Craigavon Lakes when we left.



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