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Beauty dies young

I am kind of a baz luhrmann fan. Not the whole sunscreen thing. That was just weird.

Magnolia was in the top 5 for quite a while till it got squeezed out by eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

having said that i have never seen romeo and juliet. Neither have i read the shakespeare version or read it in school.

i know the story – it is embedded in so much of what surrounds us.

So here in Dublin on a rainy night i watched it. And bloody hell it was good.

From the dialogue, to the religious icons, to the swords, to the cross dressing, to the angel wings and swimming pools, to the cars, to pete postelthwaite, to the whole shebang.


Despite knowing the ending through and through i still watched it somehow hoping she’d wake up in time.

the tragedy and melancholy appeals to virtually every bone in my body. and there’s a lot of them.


Pictures of you part 4

It’s 2am.

I am now realising why my room was so cheap. overlooking the late club with the pumping beats. Sleep will not come easy.

To close the course we had a game of emergency medicine jeopardy. Being Americans this kind of made sense. Except to us, who were mainly foreign national doctors who had no idea of the rules. There was free candy – and proper candy like Hershey bars. Can’t say i’m a fan.

Good course all the same.

Armed with such knowledge I’m ready to go back and diagnose the life out of my patients. At least i would do if we had a machine. Anyone want to lend us 30 grand or so?

Managed to meet up with the office who was down on some clandestine interview or something. Enjoyed a pint and some food while it pissed down outside.

I know this sounds kinds of dubious but I spent this evening meeting up with someone i met over the internet.

See i told you that would sound dodgy.

I know Zoomtard vaguely through the blog and always fancied meeting up for a pint. Seeing as i was in Dublin…

[Brief interlude – drunken irishmen appear to be spilling each others blood outside the room]

(… and Maynooth is in Dublin in my geography) then we should meet up. After a series of emails I ended up in a room in Maynooth with a NASA astrophysicist and some post grad students talking about the meaning of life.

It was immensely enjoyable as you can imagine. Random is always enjoyable.

This was followed by a party where i managed to meet people i vaguely knew from back home.

I even talked to people i’d never met and may even have talked to girls at one point. If i wasn’t careful there may even have been dancing.

This is quite frankly exceptional in my book, having spent the past number of months either miserable, working or hiding and avoiding having to meet life head on.

I may even have had fun – otherwise known as enjoying myself. It has been a while.

Anonymous fun is always so much more fun – i don’t know these people, they don’t know me – why does that make it so much easier? I dunno.

Nice bunch of people i must say. If i say that the hospitality was good then that probably means i’ve been hospitalised which is not quite what i wanted to say.

Pictures of you part 3

Today was lots of naked models and jelly.

I imagine that probably got your attention.

the naked models were slightly hairy medical students from RCSI and the jelly was the slightly bluish ultrasound gel needed to conduct ultrasonic waves in the MHz range.

Lots more Americans turned up to do the lectures and run the workshops. All armed with Apple macs that refused to work with any of the local projection equipment. Though they persisted and in the end it was worth it. I don’t say it often but they were really nice power point slides with little moving ultrasound images and all.

For the course they’d flown over what looks like the whole department of emergency ultrasound from St Luke’s Roosevelt hospital in New York.

Yes that’s right they have a whole department of emergency ultrasound. We don’t even have an ultrasound machine and they’ve got a whole flipping department.

We got to poke the medical students to our hearts content and used the machines to help put large needles in little jelly blocks to simulate central lines.

Socially, courses are always weird.

There’s a lot of people finding their space in the crowd – the conversations usually start with where you’re working and then the all important what level you work at. This helps you find your level in the caste system of medicine.

Having finally graduated to the middle-grade of doctordom (i like that word) there’s a certain acknowledgment of seniority – if not necessarily competence!

We have all kinds of ways of talking ourselves up a grade by throwing in stories of exams and previous jobs and that time you diagnosed the phaeochromocytoma simply by shaking hands with the prime minister’s wife.

All this makes us feel good about ourselves as our spouses, family or friends have no idea what kind of miraculous super humans we are and so it’ good to get together and stroke our own egos a bit.

No one wants to appear stupid on a course. It’s like the first day at a new school. It’s all bravado and bullshit.

Unfortunately it was pissing down by the time i was leaving so further plans of dandering round dublin were scuppered so i headed straight back (via a bookshop and 30 euros of purchases…) to the hotel and dived into the episodes of House I’d brought along for such an occasion.

Adventurous i know.


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