Pictures of you part 2

Dublin is ridiculously expensive. Or at least it feels like that. I payed 3 euros for a take away coffee. I’d expect some kind of cocaine fueled, caffeine based beverage for that kind of money. Fancy coffee is off the eating out menu. Good thing I brought my own coffee with me – that’s how addicted I am.

So far we’ve had teaching from a dry, rather sardonic guy from offally who is like something straight out of a father ted script. And a couple of americans. One of whom struck me half way through to be rather like David brent. I’m hoping this will pass with time.

Not the most intellectually stimulating day covering mainly basic stuff that I’ve been doing for years. Tomorrrow will be a lot more fun when we get to play with the USS machines and get to pretend we’re radiologists.

After the course ended I went on a rather long dander round dublin. Started with St Stephen’s green and sat for a while contemplating the daily life of a duck then dandered past what looked like the fancy bit of Dublin.

All cities seem to have one of these. The bit where they keep all the embassies and government buildings and it’s all high gates and security guards and blackberries.

They do keep the museums there though they were all closed. Though I may have a go at a gallery tomorrow if I get the chance.

Galleries are an even odder experience than the museums. In the galleries I just dander round with the headphones on trying to look cultured while listening to Bruce.

From there I walked a while further finally finding myself in temple bar for the first time in my life. Lots of quite nice looking dark, grotty pubs but filled to the brim with Europeans and Americans sipping pints and deciding half way through and deciding that no, they definitely don’t like guiness.

There was even a guy playing Irish twee on an acoustic. Though I make it sound horrible I stayed long enough to get through most of the Irish times.

Dinner was in an oddly combined mexican/Italian restraurant called “from Mexico to Rome”. Decent feed all the same.

Through the wonders of facebook I’ve ended up at an open mix type gig at a pub in Dublin. A guy I went to school with is meant to be playing. I say meant to be cause I’ve been here for a good hour and a half now (making the best use of theo free wi-fi with all this blogging so I’ve not been bored) and the girl playing is a lot prettier than jay ever was and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably not actually him.

I think I may even, for the first time in my life, have been stood up. Not the worst of experiences so far anyhow.


1 Response to “Pictures of you part 2”

  1. 1 Ben K April 23, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Aye the ole exchange rate is still pretty bad and the prices down there don’t help either. Ever been to Doyles? Outside of temple bar beside trinity?

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