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Pictures of you part 1

I’m down in Dublin on a course. It’s the type of thing us professional types are meant to do.

I always seem to he in Dublin either for exams or courses. It’s a nice excuse to get down here. Dublin feels like a proper city. Like London but with more, you know Irish people in it.

It has public transport that seems to work, nice parks and even buskers to boot. When you’re from portadown all this is kind of exotic.

The fun of the journey starts with the train. I love the train. You’re probably aware of that. A long train journey on a sunny day through ireland is about as hood as it gets.

Unfortunately with the currency the way it is it’s full of southerners with bags full of shopping. All crossing the border to save themselves a fortune.

They also tens to be the more wrinkly members of society as translink give the golden oldies free rail travel.

Not that any of this is a problem. It just means you have to share thetl table with a few other people. This is a bit of an exception when it comes to norhtern Irish public transport. There’s usually (literally) one man and his dog on the train.

Several acadmeic papers on implementing clinical decision rules later I’m in Dublin.

The hotel was the cheapest I could find – cheap in Dublin being a whole different concept. Considering all that it’s pretty flippin decent.

I walked my usual walk. Past the custom house, down the Liffey, down o’connell street, through temple bar, onto at Stephen’s green to watch the ducks (I have a bit of a thing for ducks), back down grafton street and into a pub to watch one of the best footy matches I’ve seen in a long time.


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