My secret is my silence

On “JESUS wept”

“To sentamentalise something is to savoyr rather than to suffer the sadness of it, is to sigh over the prettiness of it rather than to tremble at the beauty of it, which may make fearsome demands of us or pose fearsome threats.

Not just as preachers but as Christians in general we are particularly given to sentamentalising our faith as much of Christian art and Christian preachingbear witness – the sermon as a tearjerker, the gospel an urn of long stemmed roses and baby’s breath to brighten up theftont of the church, JESUS as gregory peck.”

Frederick Beuchner
Telling the truth
The gospel as tragedy, comedy and fairy tale.


1 Response to “My secret is my silence”

  1. 1 stevenmcquitty February 21, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Glad to see you are reading the book. It has the singular advantage of being short as well as profound.

    When you finish do you want to meet for a pint to discuss…

    Buechner, like all great writers, brings the reader into the story, as if he is speaking personally to you as you read. I love the way he writes about Pilate and the passion narrative. You can almost smell the stale smoke! But by far the most beautiful thing about Buechner’s writing and particularly “Telling the Truth” is the gutsy honesty of it all.

    His own life was marked by the suicide of his father when he was still a little boy. You can read a little more about him at:

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