Little drummer boy

I am not a drummer. Not really anyhow. I was best defined by Skeeno‘s Da – whether i like it or not – as a frustrated country guitarist.

But I’ll have a go. I started drumming in my church cause they’re didn’t seem to be anyone else to do it and i really quite fancied having a go. There was somehwhat of a steep learning curve to that approach.

I used to get nervous drumming – I never got nervous playing guitar or singing (though I should be with the singing) – but with the drumming I was so totally aware of how loud and significant all the mistakes were. With the guiatar you could fluff a note or simply not play the bits you didn’t know. With drumming you have no such options.

People say if you hit one or two wrong notes then you’re crap but if you hit three wrong notes then it’s jazz. I’m prett sure that doesn’t apply to drumming.

I’m getting better and realising that it’s probably the most fun instrument in a band. Well it is for me, if not the most fun for the rest of the band who have to listen.

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