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Baby it’s cold outside

One of the advantages of working lots of evening shifts is the random free mornings when people with proper jobs have to go to work and I get to lie around worrying about going to work. Occasionally I manage to do something useful with the mornings, especially when big brother is off work too.

Cold weather, ice, snow and rain are no obstacle to a bit of kayaking. I’ve found myself even wanting it to rain a bit more so we can get a bit more flow on the upper bann. I never thought I’d think such a thought.

But even a quick paddle from town is nice when you get it.


Despite the Volvo not starting (yet again – looks like I’m buying a new battery tomorrow, either that or always parking the car on a steep hill..) we were eating brekkie at 8.30 and on the water by 9.30.

I had not feeling in my hands for the first 10 minutes or so. Must buy those fruity looking fingerless goves Simy has…

There were a lot of swans who seemed to have abandoned the town in fear of Eastern Europeans poaching them for Christimas lunch. That may only be a vicious racist rumour that’s going about but there have been reports… I have to say I could eat a swan given the opportunity… Err yes…

Maybe the Eastern Europeans don’t know that the queen owns them all (actually, i think she’s official protector or something, whatever that means).

I dislike swans. There was an incident in NZ with a swan that has left it’s scars. More mental than physical i must say. In fact they’re all mental really but it’s a genuine phobia honestly…

There were also two boys with a gun shooting things. Though thankfully it was birds and not protestants. Good that times have changed eh…


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