London Calling [Part 4]

Went and saw the mouse trap last night. It’s been running in London continually for something like 56 years or something silly. there’s a counter at te entrance saying this is now the 24000 performance or something. I can imagine the poor actors pleading “please kill me” during the performances.

Gilly was convinced that he’d seen it once before during his time in London, and was fairly sure that the butler did it. Which seemed understandable till we realised there wasn’t actually a butler in the cast at all. Anyhow good show. In a vertigo inducing theatre.

Breakfast in my hotel has so far been uneventful. Turn up in the dining room, sit down, man brings me eggs and bacon. Until today. The dining room is exceptionally small, not exactly big enough to hold all the guest at the same time, not even big enough to hold more than 8 of the guests at the same time. Which led to some entertainment. “would i wait outside?”, would I wait inside?”, “would I mind sharing a table with this lady?”, “would I mind sharing a sausage with this man?”, “would i mind waiting outside again?”

There were smashed plates, no glasses, an overflowing coffee machine, shouts from the kitchen, a foreign chap with no english waiter kept getting everything wrong and a rather frantic Englishwoman who followed him around apologising for all the mistakes. It appears that Fawlty Towers is alive and well. I loved it.

Met Gilly at All Souls, where inevitably he knew the first person at the door. All souls holds a bit of a special place, with all the previous visits with CE, and all the people who seem connected with the place. And they do a good job. Be it from music, to communion, to welcoming. Put a bit of hope in my soul which has been conspicuously absent over recent months.


Spent the afternoon in the British Museum – which remains wonderfully free of charge – looking at mummies, and rocks and books. Fantastic stuff. I could get lost (physically and metaphorically) in there for weeks.


Incidentally, the British Museum has the longest queue for coffee I’ve ever seen. I tell a lie, the longest queue i’ve ever stood in – normally i just see it and don’t bother.

By that stage it was time for the afternoon nap. Not that we sleep, we just go back to the Royal Society and i lie about on the sofa writing blogs and fiddling more with the drum samplers while Gilly either lies down or reads theology. All very pleasant.

This evening we met up with a couple of CE graduates, who’ve ended up working in London for the mean time. So good to see people you know in a totally different context. We went to All-Souls again to hear Rico Tice and have a pizza after. All very lovely indeed.

Tomorrow I suppose we’re back to work, looking at things as widely varying as status epilepticus to dermatological emergencies – normally that last one’s an oxymoron, but there are a few skin 999’s.

Maybe I should add this. I’ve found myself enjoying things. Enjoying this trip, enjoying musicals, and other people’s company and all that. I haven’t done much of that recently. There’s this odd guilt that by enjoying things you’re somehow being disloyal to the memory. That you’re somehow being disloyal to the grief process. I dunno. Maybe it’s just good days, bad days. The whole thing’s a bit mad really. I don’t pretend to be doing it particularly well. You just get though it somehow. You just keep going.


3 Responses to “London Calling [Part 4]”

  1. 1 Skeeno December 8, 2008 at 1:08 pm

    We miss you bro.

  2. 2 wee liz December 8, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    Don’t feel guilty I’m really glad you’ve relaxed and enjoyed the change of scene especially Fawlty Towers now you’ll really appreciate my breakfasts!

  3. 3 Nelly And I December 8, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    it’s not that the brekkies are bad, just erratic…

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