London Calling [Part 3]

I stayed up too late last night in the hotel fiddling with drum samplers (simultaneously an advantage and disadvantage of the laptop) and slept in this morning while Gilly did some Christmas shopping. I spent the morning looking for a razor (not being allowed any on the flight over) as the spidey fluff on the chin had started to get a bit embarrassed.

It is a world gone mad when it’s cheaper (2.80) to buy 10 razors compared to 3.80 fro 3 and a ridiculous 8.40 for one. Anybody need 9 razors.

It’s a glorious winter morning in London. the tourists are out in force in Russell Square, feeding the rather over tame squirrels and getting photos and videos of them.


Spent the afternoon in the cabinet war museum under the ministry of defence. Given the office’s recent obsession with the warmongering, ginger, cigar smoking hero of the second world war i’ve been somewhat drawn toward his history of the second world war. The opportunity to see the no 10 annexe and the cabinet war museum was too good to miss.

I love museums, i love the little audio guides yo get. the last one i get was on a tape deck in a museum in london in the mid-eighties on holiday with the family. this one was all wi-fi and technological and very impressive. it even had kate aidie doing the commentary on part of it.

the museum was simply fantastic. lots of nerdy factoids and quotes from the man himself. various items of clothing and even a half-smoked havanna.

walked back via reagent’s street in all it’ hellish christmas glory. get me out of here…

Gilly is staying in the royal society of medicine – which sounds all very erudite – and well maybe it is but it’s got good sofas and internet and a humongous library that gets me excited just looking at it. I love librarys. second only to cafes. though librarys where you can get coffee are the pinnacle of everything.



2 Responses to “London Calling [Part 3]”

  1. 1 Paul Robinson December 12, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    You said Gilly was doing Christmas shopping. There must be some mistake. It’s not Christmas Eve for a little under two weeks yet

  2. 2 Nelly And I December 12, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    you mean gilly’s not organised about christmas, i’m shocked… he said he had something special lined up for his favorite nephew this year – so i guess betty’s getting something nice… tee hee hee…

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