Glamorous indie rock and roll

I’m not a big fan of computer games, if only cause i occasionally as a kid descended into bouts of obsessive game playing, not emerging from my room for weeks at a time playing such classics as Civilisation, Sim City 2000 and Dune 2. I am somewhat of an obsessive at the best of times. My house mate has something of a football manager addiction or perhaps that’s just art imitating life…

So I’ve figured it’s just best if i stay away from them altogether. Simon, however has kept up with the games industry, owning an Xbox 360  and working as a professional nerd. The big thing with the “kids” at the minute seems to be Guitar Hero – which seems like the ultimate in home karaoke and allows groups of grown adults to make tits of themselves in their own homes.

For Simon’s birthday at the weekend he got the full Guitar Hero package with drum kit and all. This provided great entertainment post-Sunday lunch with wee Liz on drums, me on guitar, Morsies on bass and Simon on lead vocals singing “the joker“. After a slow start, Liz pulled off a near perfect run. I can see this as the Christmas day entertainment already. What frustrated me (as a half-way decent guitarist) was how difficult playing the guitar was – was i expecting too much from a plastic guitar with 5 buttons?

I confess I’ve been a lot more of the real thing recently and have plunged myself into another bout of recording, putting down one miserable indie song after another on Logic Pro. Keeps me out of trouble I suppose. I’ll get round to posting them on a myspace at some point when i’m happy with them – probably never. Oh and there’s more Turf Brothers to come too you’ll be glad to hear…


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