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Together we’re heavy

I live in a house with two guys. One of whom who works for these guys, and one of whom who works for these guys – though he’s somewhat more gainfully employed with these guys. (I think hyperlinks are the new parentheses…)

This is all kind of new for me, having lived with my parents or on my own for the past 5 or 6 years. Indeed it was the heady days of the early noughties when I first shared a house in Belfast as a student with these guys.

Living with other people is good for me. I think. I enjoy my own company far too much and spend enough time as it is with my head up own arse never mind living on my own. I had a great time living in my flat in NZ, though I’m not sure it did me much good.

People are hard work. Me and Simy are agreed on that. The Church is hard work, for the same reason. Though just cause it’s all hard work doesn’t make it a bad idea. People have opinions and personalities and ideas and sleeping patterns and food preferences and levels of personal hygiene that are simply odd. And when you live with them you somehow have to factor that into your own life.

Which I suppose is the challenge, and yes, begrudgingly I’ll admit it, it’s actually quite enjoyable. This ‘accommodating’ of other people into your own everyday life is kind of cool. This, in a very small and simplistic way, is how you love people.

27 years to get that one… put me down as a slow learner.



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